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Hi my name is Jaunty Meek. I'm a female music Producer/ Studio Owner/ Entreprenuer/Mother of two and I love animals. Especially horses and Gorillas. I just recently rescued an American Bull dog named Krixus. He just turned 6mos.
I've been in the music Industry now for 11 years. I've been fortunate & blessed to have worked with some amazing professional Artists. One of the great privileges of my life was to work with the incredible Dick Wagner, (Alice Cooper, Aerosmith)  Blue Miller (Bob Seger) I'm also honored to call my friends. To touch on a few. 
 Female empowerment is prevalent here. Death By Lipstick has always been known to aspire to inspire their artists.
It’s brought me so much joy to work on getting my online store up and running.
 I’m so excited to be making inspirational pieces for the store that will uplift, motivate, inspire and empower each person that that comes our way.
My goal is to provide products that inspire the music world and people who are music lovers. We want to provide female musicians and musicprenuers unique inspiring products that cater to them. Although most of our products will center around music related content, we are open to taking orders for anything you would like to get printed. Tumblrs, Mouse Pads, Puzzles, T-Shirts, Caps, Coasters, Mugs. If you don't see what you're looking for please send us a message and we will try to accommodate you.
My goal has always been to find ways to uplift and empower my friends, family and people I meet.
It's a purpose in my life I have nurtured and embraced full heartedly.
It's always been important to me to encourage those I believe in, even when they don't believe in themselves.
I've made it Death By Lipstick life's work to find a away to make a positive impact in people's lives. Through the music we make, The Projects were involved in and the relationships we've built. Now we're extending it through product. It only seems like the next natural thing to do.
For me, Coffee mugs, inspirational T-shirts, Tumblrs, mouse pads, art etc..Things I myself love to purchase because they inspire me. I'm proud to show them off. I don't have to tell people how I'm feeling. They will read my mug, hat or shirt.
I surround myself with them.
I built a "safe space" (my office)
I humbly call (making fun of it) "The Babe Cave"
The Babe Cave is designed to empower anyone who walks in the room, especially me.
I have important emotional power pieces that I chose specifically for that room. Those pieces inspire me and fills my office with encouragement and empowerment.
It keeps me going. Even on my darkest days.
Whenever I'm in my room, it reminds me. YOU ARE POWERFUL. YOU ARE FIERCE. YOU ARE WORTHY. More places should be designed like this.
I'm always a positive thinker and I try to inspire people all the time, I thought, why not give DBL it's most authentic voice and share some of these inspirations on Mugs and other products of our own.
People have asked me to do this for years. I just never had the time and money to do it.
I still don't. I'm doing it anyway. I'm Finding a way.
I realized no ones doing it for the music industry. Why not me? Music related messages are scarce when it comes to coffee mugs, t-shirts, hats etc... the list goes on.
We need a voice to speak out. Here's my chance and my opportunity. My why I'm opening an online store named Tasty Lips. Which by the way was picked out of a bunch of names on paper shooked around in a DBL mug.
A Music producer actually won and got to pick the name for the store.
Surrounded by empowering words daily reminds you that you are built to handle the pressure that comes with your calling, what ever that is.
Everyone needs a little sparkle, love, encouragement, support and inspirational messages to keep them going to reach their goals & dreams. Never give up on your goals and dreams, their worth fighting for. You only live once. Go make it happen. Or help someone make their dream come true and live vicariously through them.
Thank you so much for your interest in DBL-Tasty Lips. I hope we can be your choice for what you need and want. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. Send us a message we'd love to hear about you . Much Love, Jaunty at Death By Lipstick