Hi there, My name is Johanna. My friends call me Jaunty. I own and operate a music Production company name Death By Lipstick Productions. I'm a music producer who's life's work is empowering artist all across the globe nearly 13 years now.  Music Comes First here.

It’s brought me so much joy to work on getting my online store up and running.
 I’m so stoked to be making inspirational pieces for the store that will uplift the people I love and care about.
My goal has always been to find ways to uplift and empower my friends, family and anyone I come in contact with. It's a purpose in my life I have nurtured and embraced whole heartedly.
It's always been important to me to encourage those I believe in, even when they don't believe in themselves.
I've made it Death By Lipstick life's work to find a a way to make a positive impact in people's lives.
For me, Coffee mugs, inspirational T-shirts, Tumblrs, mouse pads, art etc..that I purchase for myself is one way I keep those empowering words by my side.
I surround myself with them.
I built a "safe space" (my office) I humbly call (making fun of it) "The Babe Cave" The Babe Cave empowers anyone who walks in the room, especially me.
I have important power pieces that I chose. They inspire me and fills my office with encouragement and empowerment.
It keeps me going. Even on my darkest days.
Every time I look at it, it reminds me. YOU ARE POWERFUL. YOU ARE FIERCE. YOU ARE WORTHY.
I say this stuff to people all the time., I thought, why not give DBL it's most authentic voice and share some of these inspirations on Mugs, T-Shirts and much more.
People have asked me to do this for years. I just never had the time time and $ to do it. I still don't.
I'm doing it anyway. Finding a way. I realized no ones doing it for my industry. The music Industry. Mental Health runs rampant in my industry. My goal is to aspire to inspire not only artists but anyone who needs to hear an uplifting message., Why not me?
We need a voice to speak out in my industry and if it helps others that's a bonus. Here's my chance and my opportunity. My why!
Surrounded by empowering words daily reminds you that you are built to handle the pressure that comes with your calling, what ever that is.
Everyone needs a little sparkle, love, encouragement, support and inspirational messages to keep them going to reach their goals & dreams.
We would love to hear about your dreams and goals.